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October 2014

City of Seattle at the Pacific Northwest Climate Science Conference

Posted: October 10th, 2014


The fourth annual Pacific Northwest Climate Science Conference took place last month, returning to Seattle after having completed its regional circuit through Oregon and Idaho. SPU has participated in past conferences, but this year the Utility along with sibling City departments played a prominent role, speaking during a number of sessions. With over 400 participants, it was a successful conference in which ground-breaking science and innovative policy ideas were plentiful.


Almost every talk given the conference has been uploaded to YouTube Channel (link at bottom). Listed below are those talks given by (and in one case on behalf of) City of Seattle employees. SPU is committed to understanding and preparing for the impacts that climate change, and we’re fortunate to be a part of such a rich community working on the issue.



“Piloting Utility Modeling Applications: The Co-Production of Water Utility Climate Change Impact Assessment between Seattle Public Utilities and the Climate Impacts Research Consortium”



“Forest Gaps and Data Gaps: Choosing Relevant Sites and Strategies for Collecting Actionable Data”



“Building Adaptive Capacity at Seattle Public Utilities”



“Climate Adaptation in Municipal Watershed Ecosystems”



“Developing a Time of Emergence Approach to Sea-Level Rise Adaptation”



“Piloting Utility Modeling Applications: Evaluation and Examination of Custom-Downscaled CMIP5 Global Climate Model Data Supporting Seattle Public Utilities’s Climate Change Impact Assessment”



“Preparing Seattle for Climate Change”



“From Glaciers to Grids: Preparing for Climate Change at Seattle City Light”







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