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October 2019

Rainfall Totals

Posted: October 23rd, 2019

Now that we’ve dried out, we can look back at rainfall totals over the past seven days. Recall that prior to the event, seven-day forecasts had been a little confusing. While most guidance suggested less than three inches, a couple of forecasts flirted with almost eight inches over the city. Nevertheless, SPU and partners prepared by clearing storm drains, and thankfully only minor urban impacts occurred.

The first pre-frontal bands of precipitation arrived early on the morning of the 16th, and the final convergence zone showers fizzled during the afternoon of the 22nd. According to SPU rain gages, rainfall during that period ranged between 1.74 and 3.08 inches.

Only four out of twenty-two gages recorded statistically significant intensities. The heaviest shower passed across the south end on Friday evening, dumping 0.53 inches in one hour (a “five-year” event) in Rainier Beach. Said downpour also came from the same complex of cells that was responsible for the confirmed tornado in Mason County.

Blob update: some have declared it dead, but we still have to watch closely. Over the past seven days, ocean temperatures relatively close to shore have turned around a little bit, and a “ridiculously” familiar pattern may be returning. Also worth noting, the blob might not be very deep at the moment, which must be good news.